Maribeth Dodd

I and my husband, Chris, lead a team of entrepeneurs from all over the country. Together we market high quality all-natural products, including the one-of-a-kind It Works! Wrap.

Our background is in Christian ministry and have been serving in it for 12 years. We started our It Works business in Jan 2012 with a small party among some friends in our home. Within 5 months, our business and team grew and our income with It Works surpassed our family's income. At that point we knew we wanted to continue to grow this business and help others find the same freedom we found.

We are now stay-at-home-parents to our three boys, Asher (7), Emerson (4) and Jonas (2). This industry has allowed us the freedom work together as a couple, work the hours that work for us, and have more time as a family. And we continue to be involved on our other passion, Christian ministry. We love the freedom this business has given us and the way it has changed our lives!

We have been in Christian ministry for twelve years. The addition of this business to our lives has allowed us the opportunity to work with individuals to realize their full potential in their health, personal development and finances.

We are blessed to get to work with friends old and new as we seek to make a real and lasting difference in people’s lives. We are passionate about working with people like you, to realize their full potential and coach them through changing their lives as we have.

Whether you're simply looking to make an extra $500/month or you want to completely replace your income, we would love to help. Contact us today about how this business and our team of dynamic leaders can help you change your life!

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